Monday, June 16, 2008

Cars running on air and water? Who knew?

Recently, I was viewing some YouTube videos of crazy cats when I ran across a YouTube that contained a video news article on a man who has invented a way to change your average gas guzzling car into a GREEN and efficient car that runs on normal tap water. Why has this not caught on? It clearly has been proven to work. Several YouTube news articles exist that show GREEN enthusiasts and some scientists stunned that it actually functions and that all of us can transform our gas run cars into water run cars with a simple plan of instructions. Materials can be purchased in your local hardware or auto store is the claim the inventor is making as to how you will be transforming your car into a water run car. Has anyone out there tried this?

I would like to know if what I am seeing and hearing is really true and what real results have you gotten? Was the purchase of the plan expensive? Was the transformation hard to do? Did your car really run on normal tap water? Did you actually drive your newly transformed car and if so, for how long? How many miles to the gallon did you get and for what distance did it go before filling up? Please respond to my inquiries. I am very curious as to why this is not mainstream yet considering the fact that gas is getting to be outrageously priced and we are feeling its blow on everything that we buy and places that we go. Oh yes, and what about the cars in India that will run on air? Any takers as to why that, too is not becoming a mainstream solution to our environmental problems?

If you go to you can read up on the history and plans of air compression in cars and other vehicles. It is interesting that the oil industry suppressed the continued research of air compression by dismissing its claim of efficiency in everyday use of vehicles and put out to the public that oil was more efficient and more powerful than the obviously much cleaner and cheaper air compression. I suspect it was greed that drove them to do it as they realized they could make more money with oil.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Memory of Tim Russert disrespected by Fox News

Tim Russert:

Timothy John Russert, Jr. (May 7, 1950 – June 13, 2008) - Journalist, Patriot, Hero:

Tim Russert was an American journalist who hosted NBC's Meet the Press. He was NBC News' Washington Bureau Chief and hosted a weekly interview program on MSNBC. He was a frequent correspondent and guest on NBC's The Today Show and Hardball. He co-hosted the network's presidential Election Night coverage and presented the polling results of the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey on the NBC Nightly News. Russert collapsed and died at his office in Washington on June 13, 2008.

Tim will be missed by not only the journalists and politicians in Washington, but also us bloggers and all people who cared about current events. He affected each and every one of us, Democrat or Republican. His uncanny ability to be "fair and balanced" held the standard by which every journalist should follow. Tim was incredibly articulate in a way that even the most uneducated and ignorant could understand his interviews. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to watch his show, see his analysis on television and read his articles from the multiple outlets of coverage that he would provide. He was a wonderful father, a wonderful journalist and a wonderful patriot.

Reading the extremely intelligent articles that Tim has written over the years is one of the reasons I started this blog. Seeing the impact that he had on the people around me, my country and even the world through his writing helped inspire me to become the dedicated and political savvy person I feel I am. His stress on education, rights to free speech and the importance of family, in time, may seem like just a blip in the history of Mankind...but I hope will have a lasting impact by creating a standard by which all of us can and should live by.

While sitting at home switching between the networks fighting back the tears of despair that filled my heart I came across an incredibly disrespectful situation that I feel must be made public. I hope that in posting this I can open some blind eyes to the disrespectful nature of the station that was once known as "Fox News."

Faux News:

I say "once known as" because I used to switch between CNN, CSPAN, Fox News & MSNBC as a budding political junkie. After switching between all of them I began noticing a clear bias that stemmed from Fox News towards the conservative republican side of the fence. It was clear that not only would they have more Republicans on their programs, but they would allow them to go entirely too far in the things that they say:

That is one example of the tasteless filth that Faux News actually considered "Fair and Balanced" reporting. Not only have there been MANY examples in the past...

...but the complete lack of contempt for anything that is said on their precious network is appalling and should be reprimanded.

Faux News Disrespects Tim Russert:

As I stated earlier, I was flipping through the major news channels catching up on the news of the death of Tim Russert. I held steady on CNN for a bit until they went to commercial and then I switched to MSNBC. I did this with plans of switching between the networks at every commercial so that I could, in essence, have commercial free coverage of this historic event. Commercials never came on MSNBC. I watched for a long while with great coverage including Tom Brokaw, Barbara Walters and Pat Buchanan. I began noticing the backgrounds of Tim Russert's past shows, interviews and hand shakes included politicians from all different persuasions. I remember thinking to myself "Wow, this guy knew and got along with everyone!"

It was then I remembered I wasn't switching through the networks anymore. So I switched to Faux News. Commercial. I flipped to CNN for a bit and then back to Faux News. Commercial. I switched over to MSNBC for a few minutes and again switched back to Faux News. COMMERCIAL. "What???," I said out loud. I thought, "Fine, I will wait until it comes back on." I began doing some house chores. SEVEN commercials later and we were back to the news with good ole ex-CNN morning show host, Bill Hemmer. I heard laughing. LAUGHING? Surely I begin to pay attention. Sure enough, Bill Hemmer is on the phone with former Governor George Pataki (R-NY) and they are laughing? From what I could gather they were referencing a humorous moment in the intersected life of Pataki and Russert.

I held fast...determined to find some good information from what I consider a naughty and nastily biased news network. I didn't. What I DID find was so incredibly biased and disrespectful towards such an UNbiased and widely respected journalist that I got up and headed straight here to make this post.

Faux Backdrops Heard Round the World:

A great man has died. His body still being examined. His family still in shock. The country still in shock. Yet Faux News...being the "Fair and Balanced" network that they are...has decided to run the most biased side show I have ever seen.

While watching the coverage of Tim Russert's death on Faux News, I noticed Republican after Republican were interviewed, questioned and asked for their experience on Tim Russert. Almost all of them spoke of how objective and unbiased he was. While these Republicans were speaking (most with the utmost respect), Faux News was putting their own backgrounds on the screen. These backgrounds consisted of the following:

Tim Russert with George W. Bush.
Tim Russert with John McCain.
Tim Russert with George H.W. Bush.
Tim Russert with Rudy Giuliani.
Tim Russert with John McCain.
Tim Russert with Bill O'Reilly.
Tim Russert with Fmr. Gov. Pataki.
Tim Russert with John McCain.
Tim Russert with George W. Bush
Tim Russert with John Stack (Faux News Vice President)
Tim Russert with Dick Cheney
Tim Russert with John McCain.
Tim Russert with Chris Wallace.

Shocked and for lack of a better phrase, "surprisingly surprised," I turned it back to MSNBC. It almost seemed like the producers were using this opportunity (the death of a well respected journalist known for his nonpartisan reporting) to stump for John McCain!

I just couldn't believe it.

A man who lived the greater part of his life being objective and unbiased. A man who lived the last years of his life playing hardball with politicians, from Bill Clinton to John McCain to Barack Obama to George W. Bush. A man who prided himself in doing his job SO WELL that even the closest of his friends had no idea what his political persuasion was.

A man who had just died suddenly...portrayed, through backdrops, the exact opposite of the type of man he was and wanted other journalists and news networks to be.

Shameful, disgraceful...TYPICAL of Faux News.

Mr. Tim Russert, wherever you may be, I wish you eternal happiness and my thoughts are with your family to get them through what will be a very rough time. I want to thank you for all that you have done for journalism, cable news & the hearts and minds of all whose lives you touched with your loving and sincere demeaner. You have made Meet the Press a legend. Your political analysis and objective opinions will be with us forever and always.


Friday, June 06, 2008

And the Vice President is ...

Now that the democratic nomination is presumably secured, the media, politicos and inquiring minds all want to know -- Who will be the choices for Veep? Both Red and Blue need to make careful choices, and I'm curious -- who will be chosen?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Extreme Republican changes mind - Innovative Fundraising Technique!

The idea to use the internet as a fund raising tool in this way is just incredible. Please see below my story.

I know I haven't posted on here in a while but it's been a while since I've really been charged up about politics! I'm back till November and hopefully beyond!

If you enjoy this post I hope that you will forward it to everyone that you know. We can all be 'enlightened' by a real world experience.


I got the below email from my wife but decided I wasn't going to send it to everyone. However, when I got home Wednesday evening our new patio was being sealed by one of my friends who is an EXTREME lifetime conservative republican. I say "EXTREME" because this statement actually came out of his mouth about 2 months ago, "There is no way in @$%^ I will ever vote for a black man or a woman for president. I have never voted Democrat and don't plan on starting now."

When speaking with him Wednesday evening, expecting another back and forth debate on why one political party is better than the other, he had completely changed his tune. I had to find out why…and here is that story:

Background: Mark runs his own concrete business (8yrs now) and was very successful until around late 2003 when the economy started making a serious slide. He specializes in stamped concrete which is not a usual addition to typical new or existing homes, but more of a luxury addition. However the economy was doing so well that stamped concrete patios were in demand as people could afford them along with their everyday bills & expenses, not to mention they are BEAUTIFUL (see attached picture). Unfortunately, he began noticing a slide on his business. He had to start actively seeking out jobs, something he had never had to do before. It's steadily gotten worse and worse to the point that he is now seeking a new career.

Enlightenment: Mark was watching Fox News as he always does when he heard a snippet that changed his life forever. From McCain: "The Bush economic policies are working." (an example that I enjoyed watching). When Mark saw this quote on Fox News…he paused it…then hit rewind and watched it again. Baffled by what he heard he rewound it AGAIN. Sure enough… he had said it. While small businesses like his were getting reamed by poor economic decisions on behalf of the Bush administration… large businesses and the most wealthy Americans were getting huge tax cuts. And then he hears that the person HE WAS PLANNING ON VOTING FOR was going to keep the SAME decisions and the SAME tax cuts? Something snapped in his head…like a light bulb that was off... suddenly coming on with a clear white clarity untouched by rhetoric or political punctuation. "How could I be so wrong for so long? Why did I vote for Bush AGAIN in 2004 when my business was clearly taking a nose dive? I'm not making that mistake again. I'm not voting for Bush AGAIN this year. Anyone thinking the economy is doing well for normal folks has their head so far up their a$$ that they can't see how it's affecting real people and small businesses like I own. For the first time EVER…a Democrat will have my vote. That Democrat will be Barack Obama."


I know some of you may not be in the same camp on this one but I want to show you how innovative a campaign can become if you start thinking OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. I think this is an incredibly clever technique and just goes to show why we may actually be okay come January 20th, 2009 (Assuming the correct person is voted in).

I am donating $50 from my next paycheck and will let anyone know how it works out that's interested.


Please read below and then click on the link to see the innovation that I speak of.

Listen to the video:
I got this earlier today and was compelled to donate. I did get the name of the person who matched my donation and sent her a message. I just wanted you to see this email-- I am even more proud to have voted for this guy -- what a clever way to get people motivated to donate (this matching
thing) -- I have resisted up to now but think this is really cool cuz it lets you virtually double your donation.
Right now you have a unique opportunity to go head-to-head with George W.Bush.
This week, John McCain and George Bush gathered behind closed doors, away from the cameras, to raise money for McCain's campaign. Remember McCain has been "separating himself" from George W. Bush as an attempt to bring independents to him. Presidential meetings behind closed doors are what lead to disasters such as Enron, Iraq and even Katrina.
McCain used Bush to raise a reported $3.5 million from a group of about 500 Republican contributors. That's a lot of money that will undoubtedly be used to attack us and make the case to continue George Bush's failed policies.
But I have an idea about how we can match it. And we don't need George Bush. Right now, someone who has already given once to the campaign is ready to give again -- but only if you make your first donation right now.
If you take the next step and decide to own a piece of this campaign, that supporter will double your gift.
You'll see the name and hometown of the person who matched your donation. And you can even choose to exchange a personal note about why you've decided to support a different kind of politics.
Double your impact -- your donation of $25 will equal $50 for our cause.
Now is the perfect time to make your first donation:
As the presumptive nominee of his party, John McCain has had a three-month head start to build his campaign. In that time, he's made his fundraising strategy clear.
In the words of one reporter, the gala fundraiser with Bush was "part of McCain's delicate effort to find the balance between embracing an unpopular president and taking advantage of his huge continuing draw with well-heeled Republicans."
We'll see more of this dance in the weeks and months ahead, but we already know the steps.
As we prepare to take on John McCain, now is our first chance to show that a grassroots movement of people giving only what they can afford can go toe-to-toe with the Bush-McCain fundraising machine.
And with the last three contests of the Democratic primary coming up in the next five days, the resources we're building right now are an urgent necessity.
Help build our movement by making a matching donation today:
John McCain can run from the cameras, but he can't hide from the fact that he's aiming to continue George Bush's policies for a disastrous third term.
Let's show that we're ready to take him on.
Thank you,