Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter, newly crowned Democrat

Arlen Specter is now a Democrat.

I always knew he was one of the VERY few liberal Republicans...but to totally defect to save his political career isn't doing him any favors. However, it does make the Democrats look good and we now have 60 votes. Universal Health Care here we come! Now all of Obama's ideas should be implemented.

Now we just gotta sit back and hope they work. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anger from the Right? No Way!

For all the anger you are hearing from the Republicans, it sure isn't affecting Obama's Poll numbers.

I had to take my Obama sticker off my car a couple months ago, as I actually lost a couple of PC sales with my new business because of it. One even stated, "I would rather pay $100 more for this PC than buy from a socialist." I found it odd he used the term "socialist" where I expected to hear "liberal." I suppose "liberal" doesn't have the punch that it used to and they needed another word to help instill anger and ignorance into the base.

For the record...I AM a socialist...and quite proud of it.

Why are the Republicans so angry? The venomous vitriol spilled on a daily basis is quite remarkable. Comparisons to Hitler & Stalin continue. Cries of "fascist" still ring loudly from the extreme ignorant 7-10% of the Conservative base. There are even some that say Obama's socialism will lead to fascism! hah!

I've never seen such sore losers in my life. As much as I disliked Bush & his policies...I never got this angry over it. I was still able to have civil debates with my fellow conservatives. I didn't raise my voice, curse them or not do business with them because of their party affiliation. I'd say the blood pressure for Republicans in 2009 is High to Heart Attack Immanent.

When asked why they are so angry all you get are diatribes about how he [Obama] is ruining the country or that the U.S. is heading to socialism...and in the most ignorant cases, how we are heading towards fascism (the opposite of socialism) or Civil War.

While this all seemed cute and pathetic at first, I do think it could have some lasting effects on just how Americans treat each other on a day to day basis. We all remember what happened when a fiery Hutu radio host in Rwanda was allowed to spew his hate speech against the Tutsi. It led to civil unrest and then eventually genocide.

Can't we all just get along civily? I remember a time when Congress would have their debates and then go have lunch together. Now they can barely speak to each other without partisan retribution leading their emotions.

The problem with Republicans is that they don't play fair ball. It's like a basketball team that's currently winning a never-ending game. A foul is called by the Left side but the Right side says their opinion doesn't matter, even if they are currently leading [in charge]. Well I'm sorry to all you nasty, angry, bile spewing Republicans out there...but our opinion DOES matter...and we're in the lead so DEAL WITH IT. Instead of smashing everything OUR President says...try learning to get along. Try learning to debate in a civil manner. Try learning that you're NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. And most of all......