Friday, August 08, 2008

John McCain - A YouTube Flip-Flopper Event

John McCain - Flip-Flopper for the ages:
A YouTube Review

Abortion: Ahhh the greatest of great wedge issues; abortion. This is a defining issue that seperates the liberals (right to choose) from the conservatives (no rights at all). McCain leads the charge on flip flopping even with this seemingly simple issue for him to have a stance on.

Bush policies: Let's start out with one of my favorites...John McCain on George W. Bush's policies and then again... John McCain on Bush's policies. Don't ya just LOVE this guy?

Confederate Flag: Here's a nice rarely known flip flop of McCain on his view of the Confederate Flag. It's too bad we don't have him on video for the first quote...but this IS true.

Ethanol: McCain with yet another flipflop...this time on an energy source. Tim Russert (God rest his soul) does a great job on this and it's really worth a look.

Ethics Reform: Here's a nice Flip flop from McSame that shows he can't even have a solid stance on ethics reform or pandering.

Gay Marriage: A great McCain Flip flop...he actually flips his stance on Gay Marriage within the SAME interview. What a guy!

Hamas: Indeed the Hamas political win is a tricky situation. It's tough to come down hard on a democratically elected terrorist group when it is achieved USING our very own democratic policies. However... Flipflopping on the subject certainly doesn't help things...and as we've learned John McCain is an expert at the flippity flop.

Immigration: There is no doubt that Immigration is an extremely complicated issue that will likely leave many with a bad taste in their mouth no matter which side you're on. However, if you're John McCain you can just have it both ways!

Off-Shore Oil Drilling & Windfall Profit Tax: Here's a great one with a favorite of mine John Cafferty of CNN. Poor Cafferty doesn't get as much play as he used to...likely because he is extremely hard on the Bush administration. Enjoy.

Religious Right: Here's one I never would have thought possible...McCain's ORIGINAL view was to be against 'Agents of Intolerance' which is a code word for "Religious Nutjob." Surprisingly he went and saw Falwell who if you simply google him will lead you down a path of direct intolerance towards Gay people and even Katrina victims.

Tax Cuts: Mr. Russert does an excellent job here showing yet another John McCain flip flop. This time we target the Bush Tax Cuts...something John McCain clearly is in favor of now.

Timetable for Withdrawal: This one surprised me...I never thought I would hear the word Timetable come out of McCain's mouth...yet it did? I'm giving you this one in 2 parts. Part 1 is from The Young Turks and I'm only putting it here because it is my favorite morning show, shown on Air America radio via XM.



Torture: Yes McCain, who has a tortured past with the Vietnamese, would even go against his own experience and Flip Flop on Torture. First he's against it, then he's for it, then he's against it. What a guy! You'd think this issue would be easy for him, wouldn't you?

Unfortunately, there are actually a few more Flip flops I could post here...but I don't want the blog post to take too long to come up for those who may still be on dial-up.

There are many reasons to support Barack Obama...and the above are just a few.

Do me and every other progressive voice out there a favor...if you start hearing about how Obama is a "flip-flopper" and is as bad as John Kerry or any other such nonsense...please feel free to send them here for a small taste of what a REAL flip-flopper looks like.

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