Thursday, August 03, 2006

Go Lamont Go!

Ned Lamont's primary win will NOT spell doom for the Democratic Party.

First and foremost... Woohoo!!!

Lieberman may have had some big names root for him but he won't even accept a simple, and what I think is a smart, challenge from Stephen Colbert on his show. Lamont, however, has some big names rooting for him as well.

The biggest reason that Ned Lamont's primary victory will not phase us democrats is because Joe Lieberman is NOT a Democrat! Want proof? Here is a letter from a Princeton republican to all Connecticut republicans asking them to campaign for LIEberman!!! It's pretty sad when Lieberman's campaign fund will pay for accomodations to REPUBLICANS who plan on campaigning for him!

If you didn't click on the link above...then you really need to. Joe has GOT TO GO. He may have served us well in the past...but so did Zell Miller and we all know what happened to him.

He had me at "This isn't Fox News, sir..."

Ned Lamont had a great debate with Joe Lieberman. Lieberman is a supreme debator and is extremely experienced in everything politics. It was very surprising that Lamont did so well against him.

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