Monday, July 31, 2006

Proper education can save Iraq

The key to a new beginning...

Iraq is in turmoil as can be seen here and here. Wondering what to do about situations such as this will boggle historians for many years to come. The problem should NOT boggle anyone! The reason for the secterian violence in Iraq is simple. Lack of education.

Some of you will think I'm crazy for labeling such a complicated problem with such an easy solution. However, I would like you to bare with me on this and let me know your thoughts in the 'Comments' section below.

First, let's take a look back to our own 'secterian violence' during the American Civil War. I call it this because, in reality, the violence in Iraq today is the same as the violence between our own people. People who chose to disagree strongly enough, that instead of debating the topic in a free open forum, they would rather kill the side that disagrees with them.

Religion or Slavery?

Iraq has two main religious sects in their country. The Sunni and the Shi'a make up most of the country's religious acolytes & followers. Shi'a Islam's followers currently make up a vast majority in Iraq over the Sunni version of Islam. It is in this majority & religious differences that the problem lies.

Much like the Hutu and Tutsi of the Rwanda genocide in the mid 90's, the violence today is being generated by the same part of the brain. One 'tribe' feels they are superior to the other 'tribe' OR feels that their religous doctrine should be the only one followed or even ALLOWED to be followed. This is craziness right?

This sounds an awful lot like how the South felt about slavery. They felt passionately enough about something that could have been discussed and resolved in a non-violent manner...but instead chose violence as the only course of action. So when it comes to countryman versus countryman...which is a more nobler cause? Religion or Slavery?

Education helps create Peace...

Neither of those are worth killing my fellow countryman in my opinion. So what would make people do it? I can sum it up in one simple phrase: Lack of a proper education. Now we all know that even with proper education a serial killer can be born. However, some are finding out that with proper education, you can ease racial tension. Should it not be said that a proper neutral education can help ease religious tensions as well? I think it should!

A proper education for all children could solve 90%-99% of all the world's problems. That's a statement I stand by and will continue to stand by until it is proven wrong. This most likely means I will be taking this stance to my grave...considering we, as a superpower, can't even educate all our own children properly.

A proper education across the world can accomplish a higher learning initiative that will trickle down for an entire generation. We can save this planet by saving our children. We can grow tolerence by destroying stupidity. We can start by investigating all the kindergarten through middle school teachers in Iraq for any hate-filled teachings. We can start by helping to ensure the proper education about the teachings of Islam through the Qur'an.

To battle!

The best way to battle racial and religious tension is to battle the lack of education in our rural and inner city schools. Everyone needs to go to their local PTA...contribute to their local charity that helps unfortunate children receive good educations.

I can only imagine how this country would be if it were more educated. For one, we would not have allowed a president we could 'drink a beer with' as the leader of our nation. We would want someone who could represent us respectfully no matter where he is or what he is doing. I cannot stress how important a good education is. I will be sending my children to the best school I can afford at the time. My wife and I are even willing to move if it means a better school district and a better education for our child.

I suggest we all begin making a positive influence on every child around us. Preach the good of a proper sideless education. Have a problem with evolution? That's fine...teach Creationism. But at least teach them BOTH so that tolerance is built.

It is okay to disagree with someone. It is NOT okay to kill them for it.


Gray Fedora 738 said...

If I may take a scripture out of context:

"For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:"

First Corinthians, 1:26

Education, economic development and social justice are the enemies of religious fanatacism everwhere.

People are driven to fundamentalist religion by despair.

Religion offers a handy, concise explanation for everything... this is always black, this is always white, there are no shades of gray in between.....

Arguement is wasted on the zealot, as any contrary notion can not be accepted, as it does not fit into the framework of his dogma, therefore, it can not be true.

From there, it is a short leap to "you are being persecuted because you are the true believers. Everyone else is evil."

In the hands of a charismatic psychopath, this is extremely dangerous. A Jim Jones or Osama bin Laden can convince his followers even to kill themselves and others.

Gray Fedora 738 said...

Sorry I got off on a tangent.... what I was trying to get across was developing a well rounded, educated world view guards against tghe extremes of religious fanaticism.... but you also can't take the economic development and social justice aspects out of the equation.

RedWing-SM- said...

Well said. And the bottom line still remains the same. A proper education can lead to a peaceful and prosperous world.

Anonymous said...

I think you hit the nail on the head brother. The problems are caused from intolerance, extremism and fanaticism. It boggles my mind how people cannot allow others to co-exist peacefully without trying to impose their views or the "them against us" attitude.

I have an old motto I like to refer to when I hear about such religious or any really "extremist" thinking:

I'll tolerate anyone but those who are intolerant.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add live and let live.

I believe the problems stem from people being afraid "the other side" will take control of the government, and impose or force their views and oppressive ways against those who think differently or would like to worship differently (or not at all).