Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anger from the Right? No Way!

For all the anger you are hearing from the Republicans, it sure isn't affecting Obama's Poll numbers.

I had to take my Obama sticker off my car a couple months ago, as I actually lost a couple of PC sales with my new business because of it. One even stated, "I would rather pay $100 more for this PC than buy from a socialist." I found it odd he used the term "socialist" where I expected to hear "liberal." I suppose "liberal" doesn't have the punch that it used to and they needed another word to help instill anger and ignorance into the base.

For the record...I AM a socialist...and quite proud of it.

Why are the Republicans so angry? The venomous vitriol spilled on a daily basis is quite remarkable. Comparisons to Hitler & Stalin continue. Cries of "fascist" still ring loudly from the extreme ignorant 7-10% of the Conservative base. There are even some that say Obama's socialism will lead to fascism! hah!

I've never seen such sore losers in my life. As much as I disliked Bush & his policies...I never got this angry over it. I was still able to have civil debates with my fellow conservatives. I didn't raise my voice, curse them or not do business with them because of their party affiliation. I'd say the blood pressure for Republicans in 2009 is High to Heart Attack Immanent.

When asked why they are so angry all you get are diatribes about how he [Obama] is ruining the country or that the U.S. is heading to socialism...and in the most ignorant cases, how we are heading towards fascism (the opposite of socialism) or Civil War.

While this all seemed cute and pathetic at first, I do think it could have some lasting effects on just how Americans treat each other on a day to day basis. We all remember what happened when a fiery Hutu radio host in Rwanda was allowed to spew his hate speech against the Tutsi. It led to civil unrest and then eventually genocide.

Can't we all just get along civily? I remember a time when Congress would have their debates and then go have lunch together. Now they can barely speak to each other without partisan retribution leading their emotions.

The problem with Republicans is that they don't play fair ball. It's like a basketball team that's currently winning a never-ending game. A foul is called by the Left side but the Right side says their opinion doesn't matter, even if they are currently leading [in charge]. Well I'm sorry to all you nasty, angry, bile spewing Republicans out there...but our opinion DOES matter...and we're in the lead so DEAL WITH IT. Instead of smashing everything OUR President says...try learning to get along. Try learning to debate in a civil manner. Try learning that you're NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. And most of all......



cindymb said...

I totally agree. The latest attempt at condemnation were the "so called" tea parties. Obviously the organizers of these parties either did not remember or choose not to remember that the original tea parties were organized to protest against taxation without representation in King George's court. As I have stated before, everyone currently enacting the laws and policies were duly elected by a majority of the voters.

I also note that nobody organized parties or marches or protests against the policies of the last 8 years when the national debt was steadily increasing and more and more brave American's were dying in a war that had no end.

Why can't we leave the labels behind and recognize that while we will never totally agree on what needs to be done or how it should be done, we are all Americans and entitled to exercise our right to free speech.

Grey Fedora said...

I'm not a socialist. The best argument against socialism is the failure of socialist states. But I'm not a laissez-faire capitalist either.

Truth is arrived at by synthesis. I believe the minute you decide you are going to live your life by one philosophy to the exclusion of all others, you put the blinders on. I don't care if its socialism, free-market capitalism, radical Islam, or Fundamentalist Christianity, none of them has an absolute monopoly on truth.

I didn't go to a tea party, but I'm also pretty angry about tax dollars being used in bank bailouts, especially the total lack of accountability. During the 80's, we let the S&L's fail. The investors responsible for the failure took the hit, but the depositors were insured.

We are throwing good money after bad into subsidizing failed banks, and relying on the judgment of CEO's who got us into this mess to get us out of it.

Unlike the S&L crisis, we can't allow the banks to fail. Everyday Americans have too much invested. (take a look at your 401(k)statement) But damn it, if I'm backing up a bank with my money, I want a say in how its run. The Swedes nationalized their failing banks, put them into receivership, fired the idiot managers, returned them to profitability, and sold them back to the private sector. If taxpayer money is bailing out the banks, Congress should appoint the people who will run them.

This is a serious debacle, and could pave the way for the Rad-cons to return to power. They knew after Bush, le'deluge, and they are more than happy to let it happen on Obama's watch. All they have to do is allow the current crisis to worsen by opposing any meaningful reform, then channel the anger against the Democrats. They have the mightiest propaganda apparatus since TASS to get the message out.

Anger is a good thing, just make sure you are angry at the right people.

RedWing said...

I suppose I should clarify. If I HAD to be lumped into a 1 government scenario it would be socialism. I believe in Socialism with a free market that's regulated. I also believe the major banks should be nationalized if they are in trouble and need government assistance to survive. But that is another post...

The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) parties were the Right's first attempt at organizing protests that is usually against their nature (they usually laugh at protests). The protests would have been fine if they hadn't referenced the colonial tea parties. I found it sad that they even dumped tea into water as symbolism. "Taxation without representation" plays no factor here. They ARE represented...it just happens that most people didn't vote for their ideology this time. (yay a Democracy that works)

Another sad thing about the tea parties is that they almost all of them turned into Anti Obama rallies. They were all complaining about the TARP money when President Bush was the one who gave the banks all that money WITHOUT oversight! At the very least Obama is forcing oversight of the new round of money being given out. That's a helluva lot better than what Paulson & Co. did.

Grey, you mention the Republican PR machine in full swing...the good news? Not many people are listening as can be shown by Obama's approval ratings staying above 60. More and more people will wake up to being civil than listening to blowhards screaming at the top of their lungs that "they surround us" when it's very clear the educated surround THEM.

Education will save America... I believe the Libertarian party is more worthy as an adversary than the Republican party. I've never had a true Libertarian curse me or not do business with me because of my politics.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting story. I hope more capitalists choose not to do business with those that support this socialist President. Investors, entrepreneurs, those with cash to spend and stimulate the economy (how it's supposed to be done- with their own money) will choose not to do so as long as this government continues its assault on the producers of this country. This is what's happened in every socialist country in the world in the history of man. For good reason the EU is moving to the right, as referenced by the recent elections. Socialism is just another word for mediocrity, or better yet, the chosen government of the mediocre- those that know they just don't have what it takes to make it in a capitalist society. They must rely on their government to "even it out". Capitalism inspires greatness- the ability to win, or to fail- and to get up and try it again. It's such a shame those mediocre folks want to ruin it for the rest of us.

RedWing said...

I love how people hide themselves behind Anonymity. You would be content make comments from behind a mask instead of confronting me head on through your true self. Very brave of you, sir.

To your agonizing point...Hoping that 47% of the country doesn't do business with the other 53% who voted for Obama is not only ignorant, it is downright ridiculous. No wonder your party has become irrelevant...with thinking like that it really does prove Republicans/Conservatives believe their are 2 Americas... their way...or the highway. Very sad indeed.

I just love looking at the blue map of election day to provide a calming effect and drown out the (sore) loser mentality of the right.

I will gladly smile again when Obama actually does lead us into a new era of world leadership, environmentalism, energy indepenance and a new healthcare system that doesn't leave millions of kids without insurance.

A lovely day that will be, indeed.

Now be a good conservative and go out and try to insite more violence & uncivil debate amongst your ignorant base.

RedWing said...

Grr... I hate it when other people mess up there, their and they're. Yet I did it in the previous comment. My apologies...

Gayle said...

You meant "incite", right? All those evil, ignorant conservatives with their guns and bibles inciting riots and violence? Where? Yes, I heard the tea parties were VERY dangerous. You are so stereotypical, it's boring.
You have no valid argument FOR socialism- other than it "would help you out", it's failed the world over- a fact- and yet you want to claim that conservatives are ignorant?.... and inciting violence?
I ask you, as you gleefully ponder your blue/ red map, are you aware the blue states, hands down, are statistically PROVEN to be areas of MORE violent crime? Areas overrun with liberals have much higher incidences of murder, rape and robbery.
Maybe you should stop generalizing as the VAST majority of conservatives are, by nature, decent and law-abiding citizens.

RedWing said...

Gayle, my argument is not for socialism. My argument is for civil debate without the hatred I see from many in your party. Most of us liberals didn't begin to dislike Bush until the Iraq war. I, for one, stood behind him after 9/11. I got chill bumps when he spoke shortly after it happened. I was for him going to Afghanistan. I even gave No Child Left Behind a CHANCE before seeing it wouldn't work.

It wasn't 2 days after Obama was elected that the hate speech began on Fox News & the drugster, Rush Limbaugh's show.

Either way...all I want is to get rid of the hate and start learning to get along no matter what our political views.

Call me a hippie...cause that's what I am.