Friday, May 15, 2009

Broken Promises, are you kidding me?

I grow weary of hearing about how Barack Obama is breaking his campaign promises.

I hear about how he isn't ending the income tax for seniors making less than $50,000 a year. I hear about how Mr. Obama promised a five day "public comment" time period before signing a bill into law. I hear about Mr. Obama already breaking his promise on Lobbyists. I even hear about President Obama breaking his promise on the $3,000 tax credit for companies that create jobs.

You know what I have to say about all of these supposed "broken promises" that Obama has been a part of? I say BAH. Forget the fact that Obama has done more to keep his promises in his first 100 days than many other presidents do in their entire terms, but we've barely given him enough time to keep promises, much less break them! Throw in the fact that some of these promises have to be approved by Congress and you're left with him TRYING to fulfill promises but getting blocked by Congress.


The latest round of "promises broken" propaganda is coming from the ACLU regarding "PictureGate" (releasing pictures that depict deplorable acts by the U.S. military towards middle east POWs). First of all, last time we released pictures (Abu Ghraib) there was a 200% surge in violence in Iraq. Now this was under the Bush Administration and the pictures were LEAKED not willingly put forth. However, this should be irrelevant since when it comes to the troops we should ALWAYS err on the side of caution.

NEVER FORGET and LEARN FROM PAST MISTAKES: 99.9% of ALL Americans think the picture on the left is HORRIFIC and DID NOT APPROVE of the circumstances. However, now is not the time to, once again, lower our status with the middle east, not to mention the entire world. Wait till our troops get out of Iraq & not release damaging pictures until that is complete. Let's hope it's soon.

Does anyone agree with me on this or am I barking up yet another oil-slicked tree?


cindymb said...

I totally agree with you. However, we must remember that the people who are making these comments are the same people who feel that we were better off under the former President.

Anonymous said...

A poll from the daily Kos is hardly scientific but I take it from your site you're not really interested in facts. Cute blog, though. Check out Rasmussen. Obama's rating is now 56 approve to 43 disapprove and falling more quickly than he can spend a trillion dollars. I'm thinking some buyers remorse is starting to set in? AND Repubs are more trusted on the economy than Dems (duh) by six points AND 45% want to cancel the stimulus. Things are starting to look up!

RedWing said...

Perhaps you should check your facts before posting. The poll is from Research 2000, not Daily Kos. Daily Kos just paid for the poll.

Things are looking up...with Cheney finally "coming out" for gay marriage, perhaps the republican party finally realizes they are ignoranting themselves into irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they just PAID for the poll, I see. That makes all the difference then. Again, reference unbiased media if you truly want to be taken seriously. First thing I learned in journalism school.

RedWing said...

I'm so glad you went to journalism school. What would I have done without your wisdom on referencing unbiased material? I might as well just chalk my BLOG up to being biased! Really? Me? Biased? NO WAY!