Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another Republican Caught!

Yet another Republicans' cheating heart has made them weak. While the Democrats are doing everything in their power to NOT come together on health care, the Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to moral values.

With the President's approval ratings slipping, the Republicans continue to prove they cannot be trusted with their own wives, much less the government.

John Ensign (R-Nevada) admitted to an extramarital affair last month, but it has now come to light that he even had his own parents pay the family of his mistress nearly $100,000.

Perhaps the continuous Republican bumbling in the ethics and trustworthy department will allow us to finally get something done about our health care system and begin reducing the effects of global warming.

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AntiSocialism said...

So a governor and a congressman get caught with mistresses and this means that all repubs are not trustworthy? We've been on a downhill slide every since the dems took over in '06 and it's only gaining speed.

I hope the only thing that our government does to our health care system is to stay out of it. Myself and the majority of responsible Americans only stand to lose if the Libs get their way. I would actually consider voting for a dem if they voted against health care reform.

Now, the global warming hoax...check your non-Al Gore sanctioned scientific research before blindly handing over your tax dollars. Seriously, trading carbon credits on wall street??? Does this mean I can make money if I fart less?

AntiSocialism said...

...or maybe we can use your logic and say that Obama's a smoker, so he can't be trusted with our health care.

HappyKanook said...

Wrong AntiSocialism. Have you asked a lot of Canadians how it is working for them? Guess what? The MAJORITY will tell you that they love it and it works. I ought to know. I am a CANADIAN!!! Even the Conservatives here agree and my family over in in England have told me for years that they do not understand why Americans are so slow to have this kind of plan. You will, of course, find those who feel otherwise, but they are in the minority and no plan is foolproof for everyone. I have to get insurance if I want to enter the USA for a visit for those "just in case" emergencies that may happen while visiting in fear that I will be slapped with a hefty price tag for services rendered or not getting enough care because I do not have the $50K it would take to save my life. I have noticed that, over the years, since the early 60's, that Republicans have used scare tactics to keep Americans from warming up to the idea of a reformed Health Plan and then it dawned on me---MONEY! Republican politicians love money more than they love their public--you know - The ones who voted for them? So, they have devised a way to mesmerise their fellow ignorant Republicans that do not make $250K plus to believing that the reformed Health Plan is evil and wrong and would cause more harm than good and then the politicians call it Socialism or Nazi tactics or whatever word that sparks fear in the public enough to brainwash the public into not really reading the plan for themselves or doing the research on their own and realizing that if they polled Canadians, French, English, Germans, and other countries where people live, on average, longer and healthier than Americans, that Americans just might realize that they would actually have an advantage with a reformed Health Plan free of the insurance and pharmaceutical company's bullying and over-pricing and denying claims due to pre-existing conditions, etc., etc., etc. Have you actually looked at a REAL dictionary and not Wikipedia or Conservapedia to see what the real definition of Socialism is??? With balance, any society can use a cocktail of different systems including Democracy,Socialism, Capitalism, Egalitarianism, etc. I believe you Americans already have Socialism in your country in the form of Public Schools, the Post Office, and the Library system. Do you not enjoy those freedoms??? They are, by definition, SOCIALISM!!!

SueBeeHonee said...

Hmmm, happykanook, you make a good point. I agree we need health care reform, but I think the current plan needs to really be thought out before hastily trying to push it through. It needs more work and I would really like to hear the details from Obama. I also agree that the crazy town hall meetings have plants from the insurance companies and the Republican party and quite possibly the Democratic party to be fair, but it is all of our right to protest. But, I also think that spreading lies, deceit, false claims, etc. is unfair and wrong. Obama really needs to get the details of his message out and he needs to put it in Layman's terms so the general public can truly understand it and maybe even make it more condensed or concise. As I have said, I am all for reforming our troubled health care system. It is very flawed and only really benefits the insurance companies and their pursuit of robbing us blind and then denying our claims. Have people really tried to see just how much their insurance company WILL consent to pay? My guess is NO until they are put in a dire situation themselves and only then finding out that due to "pre-existing conditions" or "not covered in our policy" or other deceptive tactics that these companies use to not pay a claim are put through. A Public Option can help those of us, all 46 million +, who do not qualify for or cannot afford a health care plan based on current situations.