Monday, November 23, 2009

Universal Healthcare

So, is anyone else tired of the crap argumentative finger pointing in congress?
These are the real questions (they do show my ignorance in this topic):
Does the current healthcare system work?
What are the problems with its current state?
How many people need healthcare that can't afford it?
How many people can afford it but would be better off with something else?
Is the uninsured number being overstated?
What percent of the population is uninsured?
Is healthcare something that should be guaranteed?
Can we require that doctors take the Hippocratic oath to treat everyone to the best of their ability even if they can't expect payment?
Is the insurance industry over/under regulated?
Feel free to answer any relevent questions that I haven't asked, too.
Thank you


cindymb said...

If our so called elected officials were forced to obtain insurance the same way we are, you could bet that Health care reform would have happened a long time ago. However, they have one of the best health care systems paid for out of our tax dollars.

Why should they change something that doesn't benefit themselves. I also haven't heard anything that will curb costs. I have heard that they will raid the Medicare budget to help pay for the coverage that will be provided to those without. But that is just robbing Peter to pay Paul. It doesn't resolve anything.

If you can't find a way to cut existing costs and make healthcare affordable for everyone who is currently covered, how can you expect to cover those who currently do not have coverage?

This is bigger than partisan politics. I just wish our so called elected officials were.

RedWing said...

I am hoping that Congress will grow some balls and use reconciliation to get Healthcare with Medicare-E (for Everyone) passed. They can easily do it right now and it's the only viable option now that they no longer have 60 votes.

Democrats will, once again, show how weak and feeble they are if they don't get this done and could very likely cause me not to vote in the 2010 elections.