Saturday, November 15, 2008

The "Loyal Opposition" Has Begun!

What a good old fashioned ass-whipping!

Those of us who have taken one (or more) in our lifetime know that there are really only two options: stay down, or come up swinging. Most of us that are on the side of life, democracy, and freedom have taken a pretty good licking and been demonized badly during the past year or so. And so for now we sit back; watching with humor and grace as you enjoy your extended political orgasm. Because your drunken, back-seat romp with the ugly person from the bar was fun while the sun was down, but WOW are you going to have a massive hangover in January.

Because this time, your blind and condom-less foray into political activism has screwed all of us. You’ve delivered us an unprepared, morally vacuous, and self-serving megalomaniac to the most powerful office in the land. A true enemy of Capitalism and fairness. And someone who has unmatched potential for crippling this great country.

So drink up for now, but get your Tylenol ready because the party and the high won’t last long. And as for those of us that have just taken a beating: out of fear and necessity we have begun pulling our money out of the markets, closing businesses, laying off workers; setting ourselves up for riding out the next four years. I would recommend that you start buying Congressional votes for 2010 now, because without the villainous silhouette of GWB and without your charismatic snake oil salesman chanting “Change Change Change”, your young and first time voters will once again retreat into obscurity. And you will have your asses handed back to you. The “Loyal Opposition” has begun.


Grey Fedora said...

I didn't want to dignify this with a response. It is just vacuous rant-wing rabble rousing, totally without substance.

RedWing said...

I do find it strange that the "headaches" that require "tylenol" have been caused by the Bush administration's Trickle Down economics which CLEARLY have not worked. Yet, somehow in the crazy, mixed up and quite emotional head of yours you are already blaming someone who is not even in power yet.

Perhaps you should become more of a patriot and actually support your new president. As I recall EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY rallied behind George W. Bush after 9/11. He had an approval rating over 90% and nobody even thought to question him for too long. Yet now that someone you don't disagree with is in power you choose to beat him down before even giving him a chance?

I'm sorry...but you are unpatriotic. Plain and simple.

This is a sad day for Conservatives everywhere who believe in this type of "hate him first" politics. Very sad, indeed.

Malibu Ken said...

You mean sort of like this?

"Even though many Democrats (me included) remember the swaggering Republican arrogance of the last eight years, the fear-mongering, the pandering to the lunatic fringe, the attempted politicization of the Justice Department, the thousand insults and questions about our patriotism from right-wing radio; and are in no mood to be magnanimous in victory, for our sake, Obama needs to be."

A quote from your blog, in case you've forgotten...

RedWing said...

Oops I meant "Yet, now that someone you don't agree with is in power you choose to beat him down before giving him a chance?"

RedWing said...

Sorry my dear friend Ken...but the statement you quoted is entirely accurate.

The statements you made are fictional and are not based on any facts because the events you describe have not happened yet. In fact, they absolutely will not happen, in my opinion.

However, the statement you have quoted is describing actual facts from actual history.

Sorry, but you predicting your dim future is not good for this country and extremely unpatriotic. Why don't you try to love your neighbor instead of bringing him down for his ideas.

I have never supported the ideas of hatred (a.k.a. attack a man's character instead of his policy) that the conservative campaign hammered into the right wing media outlets. This caused a horrific outcry of ignorance from the right that might have set us back 20 years if Obama had lost.

Then again...opinions are like assholes...we all have them...and they all stink.

bill said...

WHAT? Are you serious? Are you really and truly serious? This is the worst posting I have ever read. It reaks conspiracy theory before the fact. Get real and be a real American and love the our process of democracy. Obama won because the majority of American people got out and exercised their right to vote. You would never catch me spew such ignorance if McCain had won. If the American majority wanted Obama instead of McCain, then that was their right. Let's just see how his first couple of years go before preaching to the masses that it is their fault for wanting change. Change is good and change is what we need right now.

Grey Fedora said...


In order not to become an echo chamber, we welcome opposing views on this blog. Iron sharpeneth iron.

But views need to be backed up by logical arguments. For each of my accusations that you quoted, I can show examples of arrogance, fear mongering, pandering to the extreme elements of society, and politicizing justice, not to mention the endless stream of bile that comes from AM radio hosts.

You also failed to note the last sentence of the quote, where I cautioned against this behavior, no matter how tempting it may be. The bullied must not become the bully.

Neither party has all the answers, they lie somewhere in the middle, and some compromise is required to arrive at them.

For example, now that Republicans are in the minority, aren't you glad that 7 senators from each party got together to stop the "nuclear option" from becoming a Senate rule?

cindymb said...

I find it interesting that the fear mongering continues. Obviously the majority of the American people did not buy into this philosphy before the election. America was founded on freedom of speech and the right to change our leaders every 4 years if we didn't like how they were handling things.

There is no correct party or incorrect party. To move forward we must put politics aside and pull together.

The negative rhetoric solves nothing and only serves to create chaos and confusion. It doesn't due either party justice.