Tuesday, November 04, 2008

VICTORY for Obama!

Senator Barack Obama has now, in my opinion, clinched the presidency of the United States with a win in Ohio. Our world has now changed for the better.
Let's be clear, though. This is not a victory for me. This is not a victory for the Democratic Party. This is not a victory for a liberal or progressive ideology. This is a victory for America. This is a victory for the middle class. This is a victory for every man, woman and child who ever saw a rough spot in life. A victory for those who have been less fortunate that most. A victory for all Americans who have trouble getting proper health care. A victory for the entire planet. A new world order can now begin.

The people of the world will wake up tomorrow smiling, proud of what America has accomplished. The people of the world will know that the horrific history of slavery that has eaten away at the hearts of the American people for many, many years may now finally be put to rest. This does not mean racism is gone...but it certainly means the path of healing may now finally begin.
With this victory I begin to cry
With this victory I am able to sing
With this victory I start to laugh
With this victory LET FREEDOM RING!
Congratulations, President Elect Barack Obama! The world is proud of you, proud of America and proud of you and me.


Grey Fedora said...

Now I know what Michelle Obama meant when she said "for the first time in my life, I have been really proud of my country."

The pride in being an American is back!

Now the real work of taking back America begins!

Jack said...

by the content of his character!!! America we have FINALLY overcome! :)

radiodiva said...

i have been very engaged in the electoral process this year.. no, strike that, i have been OBSESSED with this whole process this year... i was a delegate for obama at the WA state convention, unwavering in my support for a man who hooked me with his ability to inspire and his plans and hopes for this country... i really NEEDED to be involved...

i looked at my son, now 16, and saw him walking into the world in a couple years... what could i do to give him a better world? when you are a parent, you want that for your child....

last night, i cried.

when i saw people in atlanta falling to their knees sobbing... when i read about the 109 year old woman in texas, whose father was born into slavery, casting her vote for barack obama... when i saw the thousands of people pouring into the streets to celebrate the election of an American president - WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW THAT HAPPEN?

to say it was an amazing moment in history really does not do it justice...

like grey (love you babe), i know what michelle meant now too....

are we ready? are we ready to do our part in putting this back together? we may not like what we have to do,(the words “FUBAR economy is an understatement) but when the manure truck crashes, you gotta wade in with your shovel and do what it takes... i got my wish for Christmas – i got my country back….

Yes. We. Can.