Thursday, October 23, 2008

al-Qaeda endorses John McCain

In a true reversal of fortunes it appears that the Republican smear machine won't be using al-Qaeda against Barack Obama like was done to John Kerry in 2004.


In 2004, John Kerry was bashed by Fox News that Osama bin Laden had endorsed him. They derived this ridiculous attack from a video he released just days before the election. Dick Morris, a Faux News contributor, said "I think that Al Qaeda is voting with its silence for John Kerry." Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) said terrorists "are going to throw everything they can between now and the election to try and elect Kerry."

This is the purest example of Fox News' (and other Conservative media outlets) attempts to brainwash America. They repeatedly make accusations through innuendo and I find it disgusting. I used to be a Fox News junkie. I watched it for hours upon hours during the run up to the 2004 election and the 2006 election. It finally reached a tipping point and I could no longer bare the sadness and disappointment in the "Fair and Balanced" news source.


We all know that the Bush administration isn't concerned with al-Qaeda. However, I still am and would love to know that there was a team totally dedicated to finding him. It just seems crazy that Bush would say he isn't concerned with him anymore. Osama bin Laden obviously is the reason 9/11 happened. Why would Bush shut down the team trying to find him? This was barely reported on Fox News, as I was still a junkie. I began having to go to other news sources to find factual information. The attacks on the democratic party were monumental. Thankfully, they all came to realize they were going to lose. It's why the election night coverage was so boring. What we've learned is that when Fox News knows its team has lost, they are silent. It was around this time I began watching MSNBC and CNN more.


Now it appears that John McCain has been endorsed by al-Qaeda supporters. Where is Faux News bashing McCain for the endorsement? Where are the "Fair and Balanced" smears that were put on John Kerry in 2004 that should now be towards McCain in 2008? There is no backlash at all from Fox. Does anyone find this strange? I doubt it. I can't believe they haven't been sued for false advertisement for their slogan, "Fair and Balanced" after watching their Tim Russert and Colin Powell coverage.

Now election time is near and Fox News has continued to grow their conservative base. Gone is the balance and objective reporting they had years ago. I believe they've lost many supporters who enjoyed another viewpoint on the news. However, they have replaced those people with more and more conservative nutjobs who will believe anything they say.

Fox News is like a horrific car crash, you can't help but watch from afar, even though you know it's wrong.


Jack said...

you are soooooo right redwing, if this idiotic website had stated the same phrase but stated Obama instead of McCain the news would be alllll over it!
the fact it encourages an attack to help McCain win is extremely concerning, and yet where is McCain ? I have yet to hear him 'dispute, disown, or seperate' himself from this 'support'?
Not that he should give the time of day to this morons, but I guarantee the right wing would be all up in Obama's face asking why he hasn't refuted this
another great example of the double standard the RNC and Fox News lives by.

jessica said...

i had a boyfriend who watched fox news.

i stress HAD


freedomofspeech said...

I doubt you'll see any coverage of this on Fox News. I stopped wasting my time with them years ago. Bunch of losers veiled in Red trying to act neutral.

Suebeehonee said...

Any reason the Republicans or conservatives have not commented on this post? I was waiting for the debate.