Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Iowa's Asphalt

Jack's Blog

I wanted to give a warm welcome to our newest linked blog at Iowa's Asphalt. He has posted in regards to my wife and I's experience in Tennesse and, after reading his blog, have come to the conclusion that the favor needs to be returned.

He has some excellent opinions on the upcoming race and a certain humor about him that keeps me smiling.

I recommend you all check this blog out!


Jack said...

ahhhh schucks Redwing:)
hey we do appreciate your endorsement!!! & are grateful to ur visit to our site.
I must however come clean a bit, I am actually a 'she'.
My bloggers name of 'Jack' came about as a bit of a humor. It stems from the myth that when it comes to politics & important issues in our society women don't know 'jack', & as I seem to think that I infact do know a bit find it humorous to write under that name. My cohort Kyzac, though young and still wet behind the ears is a 'he', and as he writes on the lighter side of life (entertainment, movies etc) his name is taken from eveyrone one's favorite happy pill :)
thanx again for props!
we both look forward to following your blog as well.

suebeehonee said...

Welcome Jack! I like your style of writing.