Friday, October 24, 2008

Ron Howard, Andy Griffith & the Fonz

It appears some of the old cast of Happy Days has decided to get together and make an important statement. This is well worth 3 minutes of your time. If you have any trouble viewing this, click here.

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die


liberalsarescum said...

I am so very sad, In fact as my husband and I were watching it with our mouths wide open, I had a tear' in my eye's and a it felt like I had been punched. How dare you use Happy Days and the Andy Griffith show to spew your venom. You have disrespected all of the people who used to love you, and Henry Winkler and Andy Griffith. I will promise you I will never watch or buy anything that has any of your names on it movies, merchandise, nada, nothing zip zilch. Why don’t you keep your mouth shut and do what you all do best. If it is your opinion to support someone as slimy as Osama, someone who cheats to win, which is the ONLY reason he is a senator now anyway, Acorn, Reverend Wright, Ayers, his elitist bitch of a wife, the only reason you don’t care that he will tax even people that make 42k or more, is because your already abundantly wealthy, so its nothing for you. I work hard for my money; I don’t want to give it to some lazy ass that doesn’t feel like working. hey maybe I should vote Democrat , It's much easier than actually working, obama is going to give us al welfare, and save us, he can tax and take your money since all of you liberal left wing nut bags in Hollywood have so much money to spare

Anonymous said...

Hollywood is so corupt. It makes me sick to my stomach to see this. I have always associated Andy Griffith as such a wholesome person. I pray that all of you involved in this will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior and open your heart to christian morals and values. Our country needs that so much. We also need a leader like John McCain, who has those morals and values and who does not associate with terrorists want to practice socialism.

Donna said...

What an idiot! Well, Mr Howard, Opie, Richie Cunningham... Don't you know you shouldn't discuss religion or politics. I will NEVER watch anything with Alec Baldwin and now shall NEVER watch anything you have anything to do with.

You may know a bit about lovely Hollywood and movies...however you truly are "clueless" when it comes to the situation our Nation is facing.

You, nor our elected officials live in the world of most Americans. Plus, I would guess you truly do not fully understand just exactly how this entire world economic crisis even started!!!

Our founding fathers wanted "successful town folk" to take a small amount of time and "help the community" with some "business" knowledge. I'm confident in my belief they NEVER expected folks (some with NO busiss experience and some just following in daddy's footsteps) to become career politicians. Oh yes, some with no other experience- outside of the public service CAREER they so kindly offer which provides LIFETIME medical benefits, book deals etc.

How about those Clinton's!!! From a small apartment with bricks and boards for shevles to the State Mansion...china, private planes...NEVER looked back...exotic trips, book deals...He cheated on his wife and lied about Lewinski...imagine the wonderful things he cheated and lied about to the American people about!!!

Since you wanted to give a messaage to all Americans, this American's message to you is...STICK TO MOVIES AND HOLLYWOOD>>>>THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG!!!

jessica said...

redwing the video didn't work for me but the link did! good for the 3 boys that helped usher in an era of comedy! i remember watching them when i was 7!


benny said...

You know what, they have the right to their opinion just as much as you do Liberalsarescum, Anonymous, and Donna. Last time I checked, we still have the freedom of speech. Besides, not ALL of Hollywood is for Obama, so why do you lump all of them together? I, for one, have met Andy and he is really a great guy and I think he would not have done the spot had he not believed what he said. If you do not want to watch him because he has the same right to speak as you do then you are very ignorant and I am saddened that you feel a great man of our times deserves your putting him down simply because he has an opinion that is not your own. Shameful. If you knew him, you would know that not only is he an excellent actor, but he is smart as well as funny.

Grey Fedora said...

Presenting another favorite rant-wing boogieman: the Hollywood Liberal.

Celebrities are like regular folks in this respect: they run the gamut politically. For every Rosie O'Donnell, Ron Howard or Jane Fonda, there is a Chuck Norris, Mel Gibson, Charlton Heston, or John Wayne.

As my father used to say: Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one, and they all stink.

Jack said...
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Jack said...

Sorry for deleting the last comment...but I had misdirected my comments to the wrong wont waste time replying to temper tantrums like 'liberasarscum'
But I do have something to say to the white noise sputtered by the standing in the shadows spitting in the wind of 'anonymous', and the blind-eyed judgements of Donna.
I have to ask just who you all think you are?
To claim anyone that supports Obama is NOT a Christian is INSANE. Do you really think GOD as you see him would reach down with gratitude for the hate and judgement you are spewing? Do you really believe you are doing 'GODS' work by screaming gossip, filth, & hate?
Well I am not sure WHO your god is, but mine would never support such disgust!
You should be ashamed of yourself, calling yourself a Christian and spewing hate all in the same rant!
and I really MUST know what does the Bill Clinton have to do with NOW???? as I recall he might have been a slut-puppy, but I didnt hire him to report his personal life to me, I hired him to manage MY MONEY and guess what HE DID!

suebeehonee said...

Benny, my man, you are so right. I could not have said it better myself.