Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yawn! Debate Presents Nothing New for Obama or McCain

The Debate (a.k.a. Another Boring Tie)
The analysis of this Debate is the opinion of the Author. All opinions expressed are his and his alone.

The Distinguished Gentleman vs. The Grumpy Old Man:

As I sit here falling asleep I begin to wonder if either candidate knows how to present themselves differently from the last time. It seems neither learned a lesson or changed their tactics. Obama came off as timid but knowledgeable while McCain came off grumpy and almost pushy with his beliefs. Of course this comes from a progressive watching, so take that with a grain of salt.

Either way, it appears the answers to the questions are dull, non enlightening for anyone following politics and seems to be only for those who haven't watched either campaign in the last few months. McCain took far more jabs at Obama than in the last debate, but that is to be expected from a candidate who's behind in the polls. To me it came off grumpy and showed his age and the "old" way of thinking. I give this debate a tie. Likely, all Republicans will believe McCain won and all Democrats will think Obama won. This could change, but I doubt it.


The economy is the greatest concern for most people at this time. With the DOW dropping signifigantly there are fears amongst average Americans that the country is headed down a dark and gloomy path. While Obama regurgitated his canned responses, McCain came out with something new for solving the Mortgage crisis. Unfortunately, the plan asks for more spending from Washington, something he had promised to cut in his previous debates. I'll give McCain kudos for trying something new, but he should have thought about the fact that it goes against his 'less spending' motto. Despite this, once again the economy debate ends in a tie.


I will say this. Obama's stance on Health care makes me feel a lot better than McCains. It was a nice try for McCain to attack the mandate but Obama's answer satisfied me and I still feel Universal Health care w/ Obama's stipulations is the way to go. I cannot believe that a $5,000 tax credit for Health care will provide me the care I have now.


The notion that our troops coming home in 16 months is somehow a DEFEAT is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. In my opinion we will have WON THIS WAR if we bring out troops home safely and with a government setup in Iraq. It appears we've done that and it's time to leave. Why are we still there? Easy...it's called War Profiteering. In my opinion, Iraq should have a $0 surplus at this point so the money we've poured in could be paid back. Iraq should not be making money until we are paid back. That isn't happening because there are behind the scenes money grabs that we will never hear about in the "liberal media."

The notion that Obama was "announcing" that we were attacking Pakistan was ridiculous. I didn't get that at all. His opinion on Pakistan is the right one and I think most republicans would agree with Obama on that. If we can get to Bin Laden we should do it. But then McCain trying to be the authority on the "world's opinion of America" was extremely ironic. The Bush policies of preemptive war that HE agreed with caused the opinion to be the way it is. Obama was against this war before it even started. When in doubt, rule on the side of life or, in this case, the side of preventing death. There was doubt about Iraq's WMDs and ties to Al Qaeda.


Both stances are adequate and, thankfully, this is one of the few wars McCain doesn't ever want to fight. Both candidates seem to have knowledge on the subject and I would trust either one to handle this without starting World War III.


Both candidates finish strong with good closing thoughts. While I felt a bit of desperation in McCain's voice...that could have been partisan thoughts flowing through my head.

I may skip the next one if I see no improvement soon into it...


Jeannie said...

I agree - the debate was a yawner - and I think a tie on facts. However, McCain came across as a disagreeable and condesending old man and Obama looked young and very much like a statesman. SO, even though it was somewhat of a tie - the advantage goes to Obama.

Now we will see what McCain's "attack clown", Sarah Palin, says about this debate - perhaps she saw an old nazi in the crowd and thinks he might be an Obama supporter!!! This would make as much sense as her current ridiculous rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

A tie? I don't think so. McCain won this hands down. My last comment says it all. look it up.

I saw tie and didnt finishe reading. no point with you thinking its a tie. obama really was a joke. surprised he didnt cry like biden to get ahead.

Larry said...

well I just read your beginning and conclusion as I am sleepy. You don't think Obama saying "Tom can I respond" after all parties agreeing to not do that was a bit too much? I hated McCain's interuptions and stupid laugh and stupid my friends comment, but I was aggrivated with Obama trying to break the rules too. Unlike what has been said already, I was intrigued with the economy piece. I think both candidates helped me feel comfortable should either win the White House. I was sure McCain wasn't going to be able to do this, and since he did I was pleased.

Now maybe it was a tie I am not sure. Your comment on the VP debate with Biden crying giving him the win is maybe how I see this one. McCain ended it better than Obama because he actually answered the final question. Him patting the guy on the back showed him to be personable.

Now, I see we have 2 new posters on here who are in assisted living facilities, and I will be the first to admit that I didn't believe it, but after reading Benny's last post I do. And I am not happy that both Redwing and Jeannie are talking about McCain being an old man. Show some respect for your elders.

benny said...

Larry, I am not offended. McCain is an old man. I am a registered Republican, but I vote for who I think will do a better job. I voted for Nixon and Reagan but also voted Clinton and Kerry just because I can't stand either of the Boob Bush clan members. I have decided to vote for Mr. Obama this year. I thought his choice of VP showed me his decision making process is not in check. I might have voted for him if he had picked Condaleeza Rice. At least she has REAL foreign affairs experience and has had a bird's eye view of what goes on in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Here's proof obama is a terrorist for you idiotz who wont look it up.

Here is proof osama, i mean obama is a muslim since you wont look it up.

dont believe me now? then your stupid forever.

Jamie said...

anonymous, no one is paying attention to you.

Redwing and others (including Larry) take a moment to read this article


RedWing said...

I've updated the economy section in my original post. As I expected, it did not change the outcome.

Jamie, great article and for those that don't feel like copy/pasting it please just click here.

Anonymous, the webpages you provided are old. The case against Obama's faith has been solved. He is a Christian.

I also don't see how being on the board for a Repuliban charity with someone who did something obviously wrong 40 years ago can lead someone to believe that Obama is a terrorist.

My guess is that you listen to Sean Hannity like he's the Messiah. His interview with Gibbs last night was disrespectful and just plain wrong. Keep drinking the Fox News kool-aid. They'll be glad to know they've brainwashed another one.

benny said...

A friend of mine keeps pointing out to me that I do not complete my sentences. So, with that in mind I am going to correct my sentence as follows: I thought MCCAIN'S choice of VP showed me his decision making process is not in check. So there. I said it. I guess I get ahead of myself sometimes. I think faster than I type or I should say peck. Anonymous, I would like to know if you are a child. The way you write is more like a youngster, especially with the comebacks.

Anonymous said...

why would you think im a child? since when is telling the truth something a child would do? you can sit in your wheelchair in that geryatric ward and think you know me but you dont. everything ive said is the truth. all you have to do is look it up. snopes is just some liberal site hell bent on making osama president. i provided links to real sites for my info.

benny said...

Whoa there Anonymous. I may be geriactric, but I could run circles around you. I run 10 miles everyday. I swim 16 laps in the olympic sized pool and I still play a full round of golf and have energy enough to dance a couple of hours at the socials in the ballroom. I was a swim coach by trade and I taught physical fitness to high schoolers and I ran as a hobby. I have won 7 marathons and come in second or third or in the top ten in over 118 other marathons. I have run in New York and Boston's marathons and I have even participated in a triathalon and placed eigth. This race consisted of running, biking, and swimming. I may be old, but I am not wheelchair bound. I only asked if you were a child because of the way you were writing. It seemed too nanny nanny boo boo to me. I am a Republican too, but I just do not think McCain is my man this year and Palin is not prepared for this level a job. As for the Muslim comment I checked out snopes and even called my local Republican party headquarters and asked what they were hearing about Obama's religious preferences and they said that rumors had circulated all over the internet and by word of mouth that he was Muslim and that a lot of it was because of his name which sounded Muslim, but that they did not condone such a lie. They said that he is not Muslim after they investigated it for themselves. They only did that because for some time earlier in the race, it was the number one question asked about Obama. How come you do not have a moniker or use your first name? It would be nice to talk to you without hiding behind the Anonymous character.

RedWing said...

Wow Benny, you're quite the active person. It's quite incredible the activity you still do. I would say I'm proud of you, but you don't need to hear that. Your actions speak louder than any words could.

I've been thinking about eliminating anonymous posts on here but, short of cursing and/or extreme offensive remarks, I'm a big free speech proponent so I decided to let it stay.

My guess is anonymous hides behind that status because he/she knows what he/she is saying is over the top. Sometimes people feel it necessary to say things under the guise of anonymity.

benny said...

Redwing, I come from the age of Jack LaLaine. He insisted that keeping active would keep you living and I have done just that. In fact, my wife would still be living if it had not been for the cancer. She did, however, live longer with that cancer than anyone else has due to her keeping herself in shape and eating healthier. I miss her, but I am a happy fellow and I am surrounded by the best support system ever--my friends and my family. I like your site and I have got others reading it too. I hope they post a comment or two as well.