Friday, October 31, 2008

Fake Outrage

The history of fake outrage by the Republican campaign has been ridiculous. We've all seen the outrage over mini happenstance. The latest was the outrage over the girl with a B carved in her face. Of course, once it was found out to be true where was the outrage towards her? It was non existant.

Morning Joe:

I'm an avid watcher of Morning Joe and have been a fan since they started. It's part of my morning routine and I enjoy the dose of right wing banter that it gives me. I've always liked Joe, despite his possible murder of an aide in his office, Lori Klausutis. His spirit is in the right place even though his politics are in the wrong direction.

This morning Joe Scarborough's sidekick Willie Geist headed out to a neighborhood in Manhattan wearing a McCain/Palin T-shirt. He had an obvious video crew and was attempting to give out McCain/Palin T-Shirts. Nobody wanted one.

He got answers ranging from "Is this your Halloween outfit?" to "I don't like McCain, he stands for everything I'm against."

The video was light hearted and fun to watch if you're an Obama supporter. Willie did manage to get 2 McCain supporters to stop after hours of waiting. Unfortunately for him, they were the only two. It wasn't the video that got my blood was the response from Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnacle.

After the video finished Joe Scarborough was outraged saying, "Aren't liberals supposed to be open minded?!?!" Mike Barnacle got his own jab by saying that we are "humorless" and to "LIGHTEN UP!" He's kidding right? They send Willie Geist to the most liberal part of New York City and expect people, 5 days before an election, to laugh and joke about something as serious as a possible McCain/Palin administration? Yeah, right.

Fake Outrage:

I grow weary of the fake outrage from the right wing talking heads. I grow weary of them constantly trashing Obama and then being "outraged" at every little thing they can. There is one simple word to describe it. PETTY.

Pettiness may lose them this election. I, for one, hope it does.


AntiSocialism said...

I love how we are avoiding the real issues here. What about the lowering of the "rich class" income range, or Obama now preparing his followers for disappointment if elected, or maybe even this tape of Obama paying tribute to Khalidi? I think we would all love to hear about those issues more than a story about a nut who scratched a letter on her face to get attention.

RedWing said...

Sure let's talk about how McCain donated $500,000 to Khalidi. That is a dead issue...Fox News making it a big one is laughable. You should really try another news source other than Fox News or Druge Report.

RedWing said...

I do notice you cherry pick the articles to respond to. I guess this means all my other posts are accurate.

That's good for me. :)

AntiSocialism said...

Why the secrecy over this tape? If there's nothing to hide, why not release it. But you've "cherry picked" just one item. The cornerstone of Obama's campaign has been "more than $250,000". That has been reduced a couple of times over the past few days. Obama said $200,000, then Biden said $150,000 and now Richardson says $120,000. That number is getting awfully low. His number one weapon is now nothing more than smoke blown up millions of asses.

cindymb said...

Both candidates are quite adept at picking and chosing. They are also quite adept at avoiding the real issues. Listen to any political ad at any level and you will hear sound bites obviously taken from a longer clip being used to prove or disprove whatever the candidate wants.

How stupid do the candidates think we are? The reason no one has come forth with any real plans for solving the country's ills is that once in office, if things don't get down they can blame the other party.

Unfortunately the nut cases of both parties are the ones getting most of the press.

RedWing said...

Antisocialism, ask the LA Times. They are the ones keeping their sources wishes intact. Don't pretend this is something Obama is trying to keep secret. I know Fox News has presented it that way...but it isn't true. Send a letter to the LA Times if it annoys you so...