Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sarah Palin's IQ is 83

Yes the title is correct. Sarah Palin's IQ is 83.

Her SAT score isn't great either.

Any questions?

Updated Status - 10/16/08, 9:45pmET: Most likely not true.

Updated Status - 10/22/08, 9:42amET: False


RandomCleo said...

That's awesome....just great. Can't wait to have HER as my next vice president or president...


RedWing said...

If you haven't, everyone should read the entire report. Very enlightening. Notice her Education and Career. A bunch of drop outs and a failed business. Woohoo!

AntiSocialism said...
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AntiSocialism said...

I guess McCain should have picked a governor from one of the other 57 states.

Larry said...

hmm, then I guess she TRULY is just like the rest of America and can represent them well.

RedWing said...

Who's spinning now?

Actually, Larry, if Sarah Palin was "TRULY like the rest of America," her IQ would be 100.

According to the IQ scale, 100 is the Average IQ. My IQ is 112, as an example. Einstein's IQ is 160 and Forrest Gump's IQ is 75.

So what's apparent here is that Sarah Palin's IQ is closer to Forrest Gump than the "average" American.

Now you can vote for Mrs. "dullness" if you want to, but I'll stick to the smart candidates.

Larry said...

well, did you read THIS?

Grey Fedora said...

Redwing, this was a joke post, right? But I don't get it.

Thanks, Larry. My BS-O-Meter first started going off when I didn't see any letterhead, or other identification on the first page, only a RECEIVED stamp.

The addition of the bell curve is also a little suspicious. A document addressed to academics or potential employers, etc. would assume the recipient knew the range and distribution of IQ scores. The curve was added for our enlightenment.

The high school transcript form does look a lot like mine. I graduated in 1971 from a high school in Illinois. Perhaps this is a standardized form used by a lot of school districts?

Then I looked it up on Snopes, but apparently this is too recent for them to have researched.

Finally, I did a quick Google search, and could find no substantiation or affirmation, just a lot of blog entries.

As much as I want this information to be true, I see it as an example of feel-good superiority we liberals like to engage in. I only hope this doesn't backfire, and cause a surge in her popularity.

RedWing said...

It's difficult for it to backfire when it was disproven a while ago.

I was just hoping to use my Forrest Gump joke and I was able to so I am satisfied.

Anonymous said...

so we should assume all of your posts with links are fake just so you can make a joke? great job!

RedWing said...

I thought you already assumed that anyway, Larry?

Alas, it became apparent when researching the other candidates IQs that it was likely a farse.

However, I still stand by the number 83. It's a wonderful number and has a nice "feel" to it when referencing the hockey mom.

I suppose Sarah could release her high school transcripts to prove it's not a fake. It won't make it that far, though.

I heart 83.

Larry said...

oh redwing, you posted a fabrication, got caught and can't admit it. Ha ha. I can't believe you created this blog without double-checking. Too funny. Check out that tax thread too. I'm not understanding something.

RedWing said...

As I understand it this isn't a fabrication yet? I went and re-read the link on Daily Kos that I read a while back (as in October 9th, so it's not "new" as Grey suggested) and was wrong about them disproving it.

However, when/if snopes proves it wrong, I will happily admit it.

Larry said...

Well you are right, if it is true, then it is fair game in my opinion, but I'd like to start having intelligent "debates" myself instead of all this arguing. If nothing else to educate each other and any lurkers. But it is your blog and your own choice on what information you post. Maybe it will end up being true.

Grey Fedora said...

Oops! My mistake. Those weren't HS transcripts. That was the SAT score form. No wonder it looked familiar.

RedWing said...

Well, as predicted this one has finally been proven false. I had a great time enjoying "knowledge" I already felt was true. Alas, no proof is in existance. Perhaps Palin will provide her high school transcripts to "officially" make this go away. Doubtful, but one can dream. If it's good, it would certainly help the McCain campaign.

Leslie Lim said...

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