Friday, October 24, 2008

Why its time for a change

Whether it was the Great Depression, World War II, or 9-11,Americans have always pulled together, rolled up their sleeves, tightened their belts, and did whatever it takes, as long as there was a perception of shared sacrifice; of everyone doing their part, we're all in this together.

This sense of shared sacrifice has been lost. Most Americans have seen their wages stagnate, their health care costs skyrocket, and their retirement savings in ashes, while Wall Street tycoons bail out in golden parachutes. Our military families bear the cost of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan while war profiteers rake it in.

Whenever America faced a crisis, a great leader has arisen to pull us through: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt. Sometimes that great leader told us stuff that we didn't want to hear Stuff like we need to share the wealth, it is patriotic to pay your taxes, there are no easy solutions, we may have to sit down and talk to our enemies, we have to take responsibility for our own lives. I have heard each of these messages from Barack Obama. Great leaders talked to us like we were adults, not petulant children who throw a tantrum if we don't get our way. All I hear from John McCain is "Drill, baby drill!"

We are facing multiple crises: war and terrorism, energy and global warming, economic meltdown. All of these call for leadership, and out-of-the box thinking. John McCain represents the same thinking that got us into many of these messes. Its time for a real change. Barack Obama represents change, that's why he's getting my vote.


RedWing said...

Excellent post Grey.

The need for change is far greater this year than it ever has been in my lifetime. I still remember thinking the 2004 election, as I said the same thing. It's actually a bit sad that it's even more so now. That means the majority of Americans were misled or ignorant of facts in 2004.

Since I have faith in the American public's ability to do the right thing, I will go with "misled." Thankfully, at least from appearances, it seems the American people are finally waking up to the reality of the situation. Gone are the Church's holding major influence. Gone are the "Joe Sixpacks" making a decision based on if they would have a beer with someone. Gone is the ignorance amongst the lower and middle class communities.

Barack Obama has done something no other presidential candidate has done. He's embraced all of America. He's spent money in every state. He's prepping for 2012. Even if he loses, he is leaving a legacy that can help ensure change happens in 4 years, as I'm sure things will be McSame. He's established a democracy machine for the progressive spirit in all of us. This movement cannot be stopped, even if they somehow manage to cheat this time around.

The outcry for progressive politics is eminent. We will all benefit from this greatly.

Jack said...

Probably couldn't have said it better myself Grey!
This is a defining moment in our history, a moment so relevant it will richocet for years to come. This election will set a stage, one that will truly impact every single American.
Our moment really is NOW and if we miss it the tumultuous wave sweeping America now will become the Tsunami that destroys us all.
I so wish everyone would search out the FACTS in this, not so that they will agree with me, but so that they will be INFORMED.

suebeehonee said...

Grey, that was a good posting. You write really well. I look forward to hearing more from you.