Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Woman's Thoughts on the VP Debate Tonight

Tonight is the VP debate - and I don’t know if I can stand to watch it. Sarah Palin embarrasses me - she reminds me of the "ditsy" wife of some guy in the neighborhood who everyone likes, or at least tolerates, but about whom everyone secretly 'rolls their eyes' over at neighborhood parties. I really think I would like her personally - she isn't a bad person - just a person who doesn't belong at the level she has reached.

As an intelligent female, I find her dim-witted behavior embarrassing - she is, I think, what most men really think of women - that we aren't terribly bright - but they will tolerate the cute ones among us for sex. This saddens me that someone like her is so obviously in the public eye - I would not have been embarrassed by Hillary or any number of other intelligent, well informed women who could have been there - but Sarah - she is embarrassing in some sort of deep-down visceral way that's hard to explain. I want her GONE - if for no other reason, I want McCain to lose so she can disappear from TV and newspaper stories and I can pretend she was just a very bad dream.


suebeehonee said...

Bravo! Bravo! I totally agree. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to women and if Rush Limbaugh is calling her "one hot sexy mama" then you know the men see her as just another dim-witted sex symbol that they can grope in their fantasies. It sickens me to know men think this way, but it's true. Even McCain, from his own lips, believes women need more education and are not as intelligent as men. If he were intelligent then why didn't he pick other more qualified candidates like Condaleeza Rice or another female that has REAL experience. I guess it just goes to show you that the Republicans are still thinking in the way of the "Old Boy" network and are ignorant to the fact that women have evolved since the caveman times!

RandomCleo said...

My comment is "THANKS BUT NO THANKS" to Sara Palin. The sound of her voice makes me shake my head and leave the room - not sure how I'm going to make it through tonights debate. To me, ignorant is a more apt description. John McCain chose her for one reason and one reason only - hoping that he would get that female Clinton-vote. Unfortunately, for him, he has very much underestimated the power of an intelligent woman to make a decision not based on gender. I don't vote with my "hoo-hoo" and neither do the other women I surround myself with. John McCain can take his token-white girl and send her back to Alaska where it's dark 6 months out of the year. It's where she belongs - in the dark.

Andy Savage said...

Thank you for writing this. The use of the word "visceral" truly punctuates your point. It is not only a bad dream but barely a parody of politics. Tina Fey's portrayl of Sarah Palin is quite eerily spot on. In fact, I took the opportunity to watch the interview with Katie Couric and immediatly after, the SNL sketch making fun of the same interview. Tina Fey didn't have to do much to make fun. In fact, a ver batim reproduction would have been just as funny.

Run4Life said...

I think you deserve a hearty Amen!, even from the Left, on your comments. Oh wait, they can't because this is their gal. I guess we'll find out how low the bar is set tomorrow.

I truly hope Palin and Biden are up for the challenge and that there are no miscues, so that we can really get a sense of each one's qualifications.

AntiSocialism said...

I think this post should be renamed "I don't like Sarah Palin because she is pretty" since it has nothing to do with the debate.

RedWing said...

A warm thanks to Jeannie for her post. Since she hasn't posted for 2 years since she was an author, I am convinced that other women feel this way. Her anger over Sarah Palin has driven her to make this post and show her frustration.


While I think Sarah Palin's not the brightest woman in the world, she is a good debator and I think she will do well.

Just because some people in the news have their opinions of her doesn't change that fact.

The bar has been set low on Sarah Palin's performance so far. She doesn't have to do all that much to come out on top tonight.

If Gwen Iffil forces both candidates to answer the questions using follow ups then perhaps Biden can pull it off if he doesn't gaffe.

Either way it will be interesting!

Jeannie said...

To: Antisocialism

Please reread my post - I did not say I didn't like Sarah because she was "pretty", I said I didn't want her to be VP because she is not very bright and woefully unprepared. I am embarrassed by her and FOR her. I can't tell you how much I now dislike John McCain for picking this stupid woman out of nowhere and making a public spectacle of her.

Please stick to the subject at hand - there are many bright women who are also pretty - Sarah is just not one of them. Once again - the subject is intelligence not beauty. The VP can become President and leader of the free world. Can you honestly tell me that you would be comfortable with her in that spot?

RandomCleo said...


I'm not sure how you got your comment out of what Jeannie posted.

The reality of the matter is that the ONLY reason that YOU (and others like you) like her is because she's nice to look at/pretty.

Not one aspect of her career has qualified her to be Vice President. The idea of having her one heartbeat away from the presidency honestly scares the bejesus out of me.

She honestly believes that because she can see Russia from an island in Alaska that she's experienced enough for foreign affairs. Not even the stupidest person in the world would think that makes her qualified to do anything but look through her binoculars (oh and shoot helpless animals from helicopters...nice!)

Oh and I don't think she's that pretty. The minute she opens her mouth....well...I'll leave it at that.

RedWing said...

Yikes...let's all just calm down. :)

I want to hear some conservative/republican views on this.

I've never really gotten a solid reason as to why Sarah Palin should have the privelage to lead the free world in case of emergency.

kevin said...

Hello Redwing. I appreciate your invitation to become an author to your blog site, but I am better suited to making my wild rants as opinionated comments. I have said my peace on Palin from my last comments on your last blogs and I will leave it at that. My wife and I are going to Portland to visit relatives for a week so you will not hear from me until I get back. By the way,Suebeehonee, if you are reading this, Portland is one of the most green cities in America. It has been awhile since we've been there and I am looking forward to seeing "Going Green" in action.

AntiSocialism said...

My previous comment wasn't solely based on the main post, but also some of the comments. Regardless, the post has nothing to do with the debate, only that you want her gone for various sexist and "likeability" reasons. How does she embarass you? Explain please. Is it because she is apparently happily married, or maybe because she chose to keep a child with DS, or that she isn't throwing her unwed, pregnant teenage daughter out on the street. No, the reasons that you gave were because you would be fake to her face then "secretly roll your eyes", and men want to have sex with her.

Andrea said...

Well after reading all the interesting points of view that the bloggers shared I feel that it is only fair that I share my points of view as well. I almost feel sorry for Sarah Palin simply because she fails to realize that she is in a field that she is not only not ready for but a playing field that is not ready for her. She is an up an coming politician and should have realized that school is not yet over for her at that(State & Local) level. However I would not want to dash her hopes of ever becoming VP or President, but with the position she is currently in it will be hard for the people to forget her for some time to come. I as a woman understand how other women feel because she has been put in the public eye as an example of all women in America. I feel this insites angers in many women in America. Women have evolved and have developed a strong identity for the young girls in America to identify with and follow. Now it seems as if the movement has been pushed back a number of years. Yes I feel that McCain made an error in judgement that will be paid for by many women in the years to come. I hope that when this is all over, she will let her human side show and let the American people know what a mistake it was to accept such a position with as little knowledge as she has now. One can hope